Monday, December 6, 2010

Another episode in recaking...

...for my mother's birthday. I recaked the 2nd cake from All Cakes Considered, the Brown Sugar Pound Cake. I baked it on 11.11.2010 and it came out really good. Of course my decorating skills still need major work!

The Great Pumpkin Escapade

The Great Pumpkin, grown by my mother. It was baked to harvest it's flesh on 11.20.2010.

I got tons of pumpkin without really trying hard!

The first thing I made was a pumpkin maple pecan cheesecake, 11.21.2010. It had issues...I didn't realize how difficult cheesecake really was! It was over-mixed and over-baked but it still tasted pretty good and the topping was AMAZING!

My next attempt was a regular pumpkin cheesecake, 11.22.2010. This was mixed better and baked better. I included a pan with water in it below the cheesecake for hydration. It wasn't cracked when it came out but it did crack a little after cooling. I don't think I'll try a cheesecake again until I get a food processor.

Pumpkin pies baked for Thanksgiving on 11.24.2010. These were awesome! It was a Paula Dean recipe where I accidently bought heavy cream rather than half & half and not so accidently added the addition of 1/4 of teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice.

Pumpkin cake with streusal and glaze baked for Thanksgiving but was actually eaten for breakfast on the Friday after, 11.24.2010. I wanted to use my special Thanksgiving pan and it came out really well the streusal would be better in a regular tube pan which I'll use next time. I would totally make this cake again as it was exceptionally good.

Wow, I've been out of touch with my 4 followers ;-)

Cake #29, 10.31.2010, Peach Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting! This cake was super moist and delicous although it did not taste much like peaches.

Cake #30, 11.7.2010, is Faux Fruitcake made with candy orange slices with dates, coconut and pecans. It is very sweet but I loved it.

I haven't done any cakes from All Cakes Considered because I've been in a period of holiday craziness, vacation and pumpkin baking...see next post.